Selected Artwork


Cloud, 2021, mixed media: lightbulbs and wire, 50 x 90 cm

Cloud focuses on the distance between societies actions and nature's needs through mass consumerism and consumption. Made as a means to research the possibilities of materials that are currently filling landfill sites and to develop a more sustainable art practice. The sculpture uses waste lightbulbs as the main material.  A playful piece that simultaneously questions the amount of waste we as a society accumulate. Emphasis is placed on the worrying distance we have created between our current reality and a sustainable society. 

קָדוֹשׁ (kadosh), 2021,  repurposed vinyl records, Siluva Biennial Lithuania, 170 x 110 x 40 cm

By using sustainable materials my intention was to illustrate the communication breakdown between the touched land and those who inhabit it in an anthropocentric manner. The human element has been distilled out of this work, to avoid a particular gender, race or creed being depicted. As a condensed sacred presence gravitates towards the earth, the earth, in turn, reaches upwards ready and waiting to absorb the holy.


The main material of this piece is vinyl records that have been reterritorialised, they have lost their original function. Ripped free and no longer able to communicate through music, my intention is to use their smooth, sleek, black forms to convey movement and imply passion. Much like passionate religious flames observed in Christian art, they intend to explore the indescribable fervent joy of belief.


Spheres of Gold, 2021, mixed media installation, Berlin Germany, 10m²

Incorporation with the Insola project Berlin this work attempts to portray a cloud bathed in the multitude of sunset’s colours whilst releasing golden spheres. These spheres represent humanity's shrinking playful nature with the biological world. A precarious uncertain relationship. The work was suspended and attached to Insola's frame using fishing wire allowing the sculpture to appear to be floating.

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