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Identity, 2022_edited.jpg

Identity, 2022, vinyl/clay/metal/paint, 70 x 37 x 22 cm

As our identities, be it inherited, or environmental, allow us to belong they can also act as a barrier restricting our interactions from those with that are disparate to us. Sculpture can be a means to transcend these obstacles and to return to an intrinsic exchange of personalities. The process of art production is an extremely visual form of self expression, which, whilst being void of a physical communication can still be a deeply vulnerable exchange. As the artist presents their work they are presenting an authentic embodiment of their individuality.
When I read the Little Prince I interpreted it as a story about identity and interaction. In the beginning the pilot knows who they are, but the reader is quickly informed about the protagonist's assimilation and potential loss of self. With this piece I wanted to explore how we construct our identity. Using the freedom of abstract form I wanted to allow the viewer the space to interpret the object in whichever way seems fit. The artwork’s composition acts as a metaphor for the individual, exploring what initially appears as separateness but on closer inspection is completely interconnected.
Whilst creating the piece I asked myself does anyone have a truly intrinsic self or is it always contingent? Do our aspects of identity change with time and experience? Like the pilot's encounter with the little prince? Has he changed after their interactions?

Identity, 2022, detail_edited.jpg
Identity 2022 detail
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