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Connected (original title: Objects of Wealth and Hate), 2023,

Site-specific installation, 6th Artspace Festival 26-27.08.2023, Bremerhaven

Repurposed crystal, fishing wire 

This installation was constructed with the support of Die Alte Bürger e.V.  association for the promotion of art and culture in the "Alte Bürger" in Bremerhaven.  Originally exhibited for the exhibition Babylon Conspiracy, Novilla, Berlin 2021, supported by the Moving Poets organization. It focused on the archetypal anti-Semitic conspiracy theory of Jewish domination through finance and the media, intending to explore anti-Semitism and the exclusion of social minorities.

For the Artspace festival, I wanted like to recreate the installation, but extend the themes to all those who have been confronted with stereotypes because of their identity, be it gender, ableism, sexuality, or age. I deconstructed a chandelier and used the glass to symbolize the individual. I wanted to highlight resilience in the face of adversity, hoping to create a sense of community and encourage visitors to think about the impact of prejudice and discrimination. In addition to its artistic and educational value, the installation, made of chandelier glass was a sustainable and environmentally-conscious project.

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