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Objects of Wealth and Hate, Fishing wire / Chandelier glass, 10m², Novilla Berlin, 2021

Developed for the Babylon Conspiracy exhibition, made possible by the Moving Poets Organisation, this installation focuses on the archetypal, antisemitic conspiracy theory of Jewish domination through finance and media. I intended to explore conceptual questions about the idea of race, the othering of societies’ minorities within the anglophone states and their far-reaching consequences. Jewry, as a Semitic race, has been simultaneously accused of advocating capitalism and promoting communism, with the intent of both global domination and destruction. For this installation I disassembled a chandelier that I personally associate with wealth, using the glass to symbolise the Jewish people. This glass is then attached to fishing wire, encompassing the entire room to form a spider's web, representing the extent of conspiracy theories and impossible to find an original source for.

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