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Lilith- defiance, persecution and equality

Exhibition duration: 4 weeks, May 2022

Location: Novilla, Berlin,

Participation: Jewish and Muslim (ethnic or religious) female identifying artists

This group exhibition will be presented for one month in May 2022 in the project space "Novilla" in Schöneweide, Berlin, providing a platform for dialogue between Jewish and Muslim artists around the common theme of feminism and persecution. The works are inspired by or refer to the story of Lilith, an ambiguous figure from Mesopotamian myth. She is a symbol of all people who have been rejected and punished for being true to their nature, in modern culture, she has come to embody unbridled freedom and feminism. 


The exhibition aims to make all varieties of life in the district accessible and visible.  This is especially important at a time when anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are on the rise, as we see in the form of conspiracy theories on social media and physical attacks. 

The project will take the form of a physical group exhibition by eight artists of different disciplines and will be accompanied by a program of lectures, guided tours and concerts. 

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