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Orte der Kontraste, 2023,

32. Internationales Landschaftspleinair Schwedt

Oak, bronze 115 x 33 x 33 cm x 3

In the last two centuries, the Kunstverein Schwedt building was used as a tobacco storage facility whereby parts of its wooden floorboards have been repaired with thin metal sheets. These sites of contrast, repair and change served as inspiration for my contribution to the 32nd plein air group exhibition. By using brass and discarded historical floorboards, I aimed to produce a work that reflected on the relationship between Schwedt's industrial identity and that of a nature park.


The following questions fuelled this work: how do nature and in particular oak trees act as witnesses to societal and environmental change and how do regions of repair and restoration transform with time? Moreover, I am curious about how the texture and structure are shaped by human intervention. The resulting installation is a tangible moment in time and a visual testament to change.

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