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Orte der Kontraste, 2023

Oak, bronze 115 x 33 x 33 cm x 3

32. Internationales Landschaftspleinair Schwedt

For the 32. Internationales Landschaftspleinair (International Pleinair) in Schwedt I explored the concept of capturing imprints to present a town's identity. Implementing brass in dialogue with wood, I aimed to produce a work that reflected on the relationship between Schwedt's declining industrial industry and that of an increasing nature-based tourism destination.

During the residency, our studios were located in the Kunstverein (artist association) building, which was once a tobacco storage facility. This building had undergone historical restorations and I was inspired by these sites of contrast, repair, and change. The following questions fuelled this work: how do nature and in particular oak trees act as witnesses to societal and environmental change and how do regions of repair and restoration transform with time? Moreover, how are textures and structures shaped by human intervention? The resulting temporary installation was a tangible moment in time and a visual testament to change.

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